As the fall allergy peak nears let’s take a quick look at how seasonal allergy symptoms appear.

EYES: The conjunctiva or pink tissue around the eyes can become itchy and can potentially result in a bacterial infection as the patient rubs the eyes or in the worst case an animal may scratch the cornea requiring special eye treatment.

EARS: The ear pinnae (outer ear) and ear canal can be itchy due to allergies; secondary yeast or bacterial infections are common and surprisingly it is not unusual for just one ear to be infected.

SKIN: Itchy skin is a common symptom of allergies; any area can be irritated. Facial, armpit and groin/flank areas are seen often. Skin inflammation can reflect both food allergies and environmental allergies so it often takes some detective work to find out what is causing the skin issues.

ANAL GLANDS: The small glands that express at the anus to mark an animal’s feces and territory can become itchy during allergy season. This is seen as the classic small dog scooting on its rear end or a larger dog or cat licking the area excessively. Once again the glands can become infected and cause an anal gland abscess which is extremely painful for the pet!!!

There are many treatments available for allergies and there is no reason your beloved pet needs to be miserable during these times so call North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital to consult with Drs. Susan Patton, Shelle Raines and Mike Skarie!!!!