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  • Halloween Pet Safety

    By Dr. Michael Skarie

    Halloween is quickly approaching, and at North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital, we want to make sure this holiday is safe and enjoyable for your pet. Here are a few quick tips to help you keep your pets safe during Hal...

  • Flea and Tick Prevention - An Update on the Recent News Media Reporting.

    By Whitnee Patten, DVM

    Have You Seen the New FDA Press Release About Flea and Tick Prevention Regarding the Isoxazoline Class of Flea and Tick Medications Used in Cats and Dogs?  This class of drugs includes all of the oral flea and tick...

  • Rabies


    Here in, Boulder, Colorado we all avoid skunks for the horrific smell they produce, but there is another reason also: Rabies! Traditionally in Colorado, bats have been the main source of infection, but in recent years th...


    By Susan Patton, DVM

    As the fall allergy peak nears let’s take a quick look at how seasonal allergy symptoms appear. EYES: The conjunctiva or pink tissue around the eyes can become itchy and can potentially result in a bacterial i...

  • Grain Free Diets- Don't Believe the Hype

    By Dr. Shelle Raines and Dr. Michael Skarie

    Around 2010, what had been a health fad exploded on to the human nutrition scene, and the big buzz was gluten free. New products labeled “gluten free” and “grain free” exploded on the human market...

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